Social Media consultant

One of the strongest sources of connecting to the people is social media and we should not have doubt about it.
We have seen many of the videos and content getting viral and being popular.  A Man with the talent may or may not get space to perform on live show but social media will always be available for him.

Whats the Problem? 

  1. More than 65 % of talented folks no matter they are the singers/dancers/authors/ poets plus 60 % of start-up and companies don’t have any clear idea about three basic rules a) What to post b) how to post c) when to post.
  2.  Making social media pages is now a trend on Facebook/Instagram/ Youtube nowadays, but only 20 % of them actually operate it for a long time and work on it because of its a long-term process. 80 % pages are just left unused or used for a month and for a while.
  3.  Where you invest 50,000 rupees for an event to reach 1000 people, you reach 2,00,000 + people with the same amount. so it’s cost-efficient.
  4.  Some can have the best product and someone can be blessed with extraordinary talent but all of us won’t have the equipment professionalism and expertise.

How can I be your Solution

  1. I have been into the professional handling of social media from last 3 years with different brands and personal artists, where I have analyzed who should post When and how.
  2.  If you portray your self as a brand you have to maintain each and every source of connection, My team is ready with full energy to help you with that.
  3. I have expertise in Social media Ads and certified from facebook blueprint for ads management, I can make you go viral at minimum cost. Especially the Artists will have a huge benefit from this service.
  4.  We have all required Equipment and expert services you can hire or work with.  not expensive!