Political Branding & Personal Branding Campaign

With the Learning phase on social media, I have recently started service for political branding and Personal Branding for people who want to connect with other people around to share their opinion and interact

Our team is ready for entire professional Political as well as Personal Brading Campaign. 

We have expertise in the following grounds. 

A) Social Media Expertise 

  1. Facebook Page and  Ads Managment
  2. Google Ads management
  3. Instagram promotions
  4. Youtube Promotions
  5. Websites/Blogs/ SEO
  6. Google Ranking

B) Video Making / Photography/Content Creation 

  1. We are having Expert film Makers
  2. Photographers
  3. Graphic Designers
  4. Editors

For Rate list and campaign design please contact me on letstalk@mrinaljha.net or call me on +91-9780369466