Know Me More

I am A social media expert and youth coach. My valuation can be fixed by my expertise and currently, it’s been three years on the ground of social media branding. I have worked for different startups and brands to build their presence on social media.

I Talk on issues and youth activism, I cannot resist myself to talk and interact with folks around. I V Log on my Facebook page different issues and topics related to youth behavior and societal incidents, which can give some value to the listeners and create a mindset that can lead their life to worthiness.

I Write on youth problems and solutions – I try to research on ongoing problems faced by different age group and then combine my learning to give the best solution on to take decisions of life and maintain healthy relationships.

I make content and videos’ – I make content to be published on social media and also make that reach to the maximum of the audience by viral marketing. Content can be videos, animations or write-ups. The content will have enough of attractiveness to gather the attention itself.


Awards/Achievements – 

  1. Certified  in management and leadership at level 5 by Chartered Management Institute, United Kingdom.
  2. Stanford Basic Certification in Human Trafficking
  3. IIM Annual Fest Best Short Film 2018
  4. IIT Roorkee Annual Fest Best short film 2018
  5. Best speaker at International Peace Conference organized by Let peace proliferate.