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Benefits to Join Free MJ community 

Stressful life?

  1. Free entry for the meetups
  2. Free lessons on ‘ Don’t let your relationship stress and Personal stress Hamper your Career’. during meetups.
  3. Free Lessons on ‘ How to remove hesitation & show your talent in front of your audience’  during meetups.
  4. Discussion on various topic and issues related to youth and personal problems during meetups.

Don’t know how to market your talent? 

  1. How to use Social Media to promote yourself, your brand and your talent during meetups.
  2. Get updated and recommend topics for new sessions, blogs, and videos.   during meetups
  3. Free lessons on marketing skills and technique to increase your reach and viral your content.  during meet-ups
  4. Free lessons on ‘ What not to do’ on Social Media  during meet-ups