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Who is Mrinal Jha?

Mrinal Jha is a social media strategist, worked with startups and brands to build them on social media. He is a creative freak and love to play with creativity. He Vlogs on different youth topics and issues plus he makes content
go viral

Mrinal Jha is a Youth Coach, he deals with individual problems, take them as Case and help them to get solved.

He is certified by CMI ( United Kingdom)  for Level 5 Leadership. He has won awards from IIT & IIM (India)  for his content and also received an online accomplishment statement from Stanford (U.S.A) for Human Trafficking.

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What is #feelfreetoshowoff?

Feel Free to show off is Mrinal’s Tagline for his campaign. He has decided this campaign to make youth feel free of hesitation and build the inner confidence so that they can easily know how to play with their talent and promote it. Also, he wants everyone to learn how practically things can be done under stress.

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Stressful life?

  1. Free entry for the meetups
  2. Free lessons on ‘ Don’t let your relationship stress and Personal stress Hamper your Career’. during meetups.
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  4. Discussion on various topic and issues related to youth and personal problems during meetups.

Don’t know how to market your talent? 

  1. How to use Social Media to promote yourself, your brand and your talent during meetups.
  2. Get updated and recommend topics for new sessions, blogs, and videos.   during meetups
  3. Free lessons on marketing skills and technique to increase your reach and viral your content.  during meet-ups
  4. Free lessons on ‘ What not to do’ on Social Media  during meet-ups

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