All About Fake News/Hoax and its Identification on Social Media.

In the digital world, we know there are lots of unwanted manipulated news portals as well as spreading of fake news. Due to digital illiteracy as and unawareness, we tend to spread anything

Two major sources for spreading of fake news are

No.1 Whatsapp Forward 

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No.2 Photoshop facebook Image. 

Few examples of Forwarded fake news are below :



Why Fake News is Spread

There are Three Major Reasons

No.1 Politics: It’s Easy to spread High rated publicity or low rated defame work on WhatsApp.

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No.2 Business: One company tries this technique to make a market against the competitor

No.2 Self-Satisfaction:  If one has some reason to defame someone or support someone they will go for this way to make themselves happy or prove themselves to be their haters or supporters.

Characteristics Of Fake News

News/Content that Praises someone A lot.

News/Content that defames  someone directly

News/Content that does comparison directly.

 How to Identify Fake Pictures

Two major websites, whenever you have doubt on a picture that is shared on the social media, you can use these websites


You can upload the picture and find sources where these pictures are used.

How to Identify Fake Content

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Take two to three keyword from the news, the main keyword, for example,
there was this news flowing on Whatsapp saying UNESCO awarded Modi to be Best PM.

Take keyword such as 1. Modi  2.Best PM 3. UNESCO

Search on google news and you will find reliable sources of the information

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There are websites to find sources of the news.

Some of the most known fake news blog 


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