Biggest mistakes & illusions During College Life

Building Unwanted Relations for self-Image 

just to make sure no one complains about your presence you become more concern about how other people are dragging you in their life. Their opinions become things to bother and here you make a huge mistake. College life has its own world where a maximum of students pretend to secure their place in the group and then after they change.

Being Used 

Many times you will feel during this period that you are being used in the name of friendship and relations but you will be Ok with it because of the first reason mentioned. remember there is always a difference between Help and getting used. If someone is capable of something but still asking for help it’s called being used. If you find someone asking things that are for granted such as doing homework or projects, be sure you are being used.

New people New Emotions New breakup story 

Maximum of youth in college come into a relationship and only a few percentages get them out of the campus. Now, this is a trend you can say, to get into a relationship in the current place you are. It has always been portrayed that getting into relations or being in love is an achievement and that is the reason people tend to make new relations but be aware of the consequences.

New relationship quickly after Breakup? Avoid Rebound Relationships

Imbalance in focus between career and friends politics.  

80 % totally forgets why they are getting admitted and why their parents are investing millions of rupee. Talking about studies, Yes they are bothered to gain marks, but apart from that their entire time goes discussing unnecessary topics about someone & something. but you have to trust each one when comes out of the college with such history always regrets and get stucks on the point ‘ What to do next’.


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