Relationship stress ? Youth major problem, not discussed

Age after 14 becomes one of the major turns over for a challenge for the young people. There have always been the most cases of suicide due to relationship stress but who cares? we consider this to be taboo and let it go, here let’s discuss the major things for relationship stress.

Top Three reasons are

 Change in the behavior of your partner: now this is very much usual to see changes in the relationship behavior, and often people complain about their partner not being the way they were before, this problem is never one-sided it will always have both sides involved in it. The only things are that you expect someone to always be nice no matter you are same with him or not, you will always have the reason for your self but you will always have complains about others. If you think you are perfect in your place but your partner is not the way he or she was that will have various reasons and you should always focus on reasons rather then behavior.

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 Less responsive:  When you find the response you are getting is not enough, but this again has the reason, cheating is one, being busy, lack of understanding, making arguments go long.


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Inner Politics:  This has a deep meaning, third party interference or attraction towards other can be in the role, plus there will always be people who will make sure your name is always spoiled, but by giving a response to them you will support them.

Wiki gives the following solution ( source )

Deal with stress together, not as individuals. See you and your partner as a team facing a difficult time and looking for a solution together. Put your ego in a corner and think through problems by asking yourself “What can we do?” rather than “What can I do?”

  • If the stress is due to your partner’s dealing with a hard situation, sympathize and show your active encouragement. As part of a team, you’re called to play the role of helper and comforter.
  • Make it clear that you are committed to the relationship no matter what problem you and your partner are dealing with. Stress tests the strength of any relationship. If you want to stay together despite the hardships, state it clearly.


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