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Every second person whom you think to be successful in your eyes now or then will always talk about time management and usage of it. The motto behind this is not to make you learn how to manage your time but the major motto is to make you realize that are you investing your time or wasting it inside the dustbin of negativism?

Whenever the light of intellectuality is thrown by an outreached and respected personalities they mainly talk about the comparison between money and time, there are few arguments too on which word should be more preferable when it comes to life. But the one who chooses time seems to have the higher level of optimism and standard. Long back one famous example went viral on the internet let’s try to recall it. It said ‘what if you are given 86400 dollars per day but as the day finishes your money will be taken back and you will just have 24 hours to do whatever you can with that money? What will you be doing? Will you eat all of them? Save them? Invest in them?  So the maximum of the audience replied that ‘of course we cannot eat that money all together and keeping it inside cupboard won’t add value so we will prefer them to invest and multiply it’.

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So, once open your calculator and multiply the given sum 24*60*60, we have these many seconds in a day or 24 hours where each hour have 60 minutes and each minute have 60 second which gives us the total result of 86400 seconds. So are you investing those 86400 seconds that are given to you every day?

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Not a mathematician by my profession but calculating life is what we neglect nowadays, to be honest time is like a running water from the mountain to an ocean, it has the constant path to move and it will keep on moving, in between how much it was worth full for us totally depends on how we use it similarly time will never stop for your observation either you use it or let it flow. So when we talk about time or anyone who tries to define something about it is actually a total trash because time will never need any definition, it is what it was and will be the same, what we should discuss here is ‘us on the track of time.’ The lengthy word cycle could lead to confusion but it needs to be understood that we are a fool ‘that we waste our energy to understand and observe time’ rather we should utilize it for ‘Karm’ means work done.


Death can come into the role, when said ‘what have you brought to the world and what will you take from here, why you being selfish and concern about materialistic things’ But again do this has an impact on what your real situation is? Will this feed you and your family? Or will this idea help you to gain inner peace? Absolutely a Big No to it, it will have the negative impact of life on you and will snatch your motivation and zeal to do something great and huge, I will call this a distractive idea of life. If you have a strong idea against it, go for it because mind without experiments is similar to a mind without opinions. So what time has to do in it? Nothing because time is not a separate body to help you out, it’s a universally applicable term that actually has no existence but perceived to be somewhere on earth and responsible for all the happenings around, but it or he/she is not accountable for anything to anyone, so time is simply ‘You’ and your deed’s, what you do becomes your time and that’s how everything has been working since evolution. Even today what you are doing right now is time for you but yes it is not the time who gives you the result, it’s you yourself and your deeds which gives the result to you. No need to slip with words, it has meaning if not understood move back and again go through it. You will finally get a conclusion that time is ‘You’? Ok.

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So what actually is a good time which according to normal population is a period when either you have got a new job, made a new relationship, bought a new car or hang out with your crush but ultimately these all things have one inner purpose that is making surrounding in your favour and if the surrounding is against you no matter you have a billion dollar note, you won’t feel the sense of happiness.

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