Theory of Identity, Compulsion vs Passion

I am not scared of thousand techniques which you have practiced one time, I am scared of that one technique which you have practiced thousand times. The famous dialogue from a Bollywood movie ‘Chandni Chowk to China’, this three hours movie having this nine-second dialogue can be the reason for powerful inspiration. On the prior note, anything and everything in this universe need its identity, agree or not even your soul has its identity, someone can point out regarding religious aspect that soul will never need something to prove its presence but then again you will see people talking about one with good soul and other with bad soul, and why not, the world has been given to the humans and us humans will label each and everything on this world and in this universe. Similarly, you also need one identity, here the things will get more complex.


If we are born in a middle-class family our identity is mentioned to be a class with Scrooge (Selfish and not ready to spend money) mentality. Though this can never be our real identity this is something called compulsion. We do many things out of compulsion, someone can do a low salary job being an artist or someone has to leave their studies in between for some reasons and many more examples but we always have to learn one thing that your circumstances should never turn to be your identity, are you getting these words?  What so ever you are doing for the living or for your family or for yourself due to situation and circumstances should never overlap your identity that is who you are? If you are a singer and doing a job for your living because you are not a famous stage performer to get your payment from sponsors, still always try to market yourself as a singer. If someone asks you what you do, tell them ‘I sing’ because that’s how you want people to know you. Now when you say you sing, the next possible question will be where you sing and do you even earn from it and this question will force you for self-analysis. You will think here what to answer because if you say NO they will point out finger on you and ask you again how you earn what you earn and if you say yes that won’t work because the society assumption is blessed by almighty.


Many times we fail to answer the questions asked to us just because we are not so much confident about being successful in our field and in this case usually people accept their passion to be their hobby and their compulsion to be their identity.


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