Theory of Hesitation & Fear , Needs to be deeply understood

If you sit back and think thrice about something it will automatically generate more five points in your mind on the same topic, now those five points can be both plus and minus of what you thought. The points are still running in your mind and continuously giving you a feedback on your thought, but still, it’s not clarified that the feedbacks which you are receiving from your own world of thought are negative or positive in nature.  The calculation has no end because that something on which you are thinking, again and again, will not only generate those five points but it will work like a computer virus and will start multiplying themselves in millions and billions.

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So? Are you willing to waste your time on those millions and billions of thought on a particular ‘something’? Or it’s better not to think more than those five points and start implementing your thoughts.

Here we have a reason because if you are able to control your thoughts which practically is done only by those saints who stay in mountains but still it makes the point more valid, so let’s not say control your mind but instruct your mind on ‘how much you should think’ can something worthy happen with your life?

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Making sense full arguments are always difficult, especially when you are connected to the world of fake-ism. Generally, people, the concept of control of mind doesn’t work because our brain receives more than 30,000 plus thoughts in a day now how can you manage to control that thought which can be a catalyst of destruction? So what’s the solution?

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Thoughts can’t control ok we agreed on this, but it can be instructed as we discussed before, let them arrive inside you but learn to create a filter which can purify your thoughts that are killing you from inside. Why are we focusing on thoughts while talking about hesitation? Because thoughts are the only element that affects our mind and also has the ability to create our outer look in front of others. Let’s simplify it now with some examples.

When you have to present something to someone, let it be in the office? To your mate or you have to propose your girl? Or let’s say you have to give a welcome speech to your institution, all you do is practise it, again and again, getting worried about it, no matter the scripted paragraph is of four to five lines which you speak in your daily life but when you create those same lines for a special occasion it becomes a difficult task to perform and then you go for a long day practice. Why? So that you don’t make a single mistake on the podium or the stage, right! So here you are getting hesitated about your reputation and brand image in front of the audience. Hesitation is either a result of expectation or over-consciousness about yourself. You will see people coming up on social media and uploading the videos doing rubbish stuff but when you make them stand in front of a real audience and tell them to perform the same, no matter the number of audience is lower than their social media profile but out of 100, only 5 to 6 % can show the courage to do the task right away, and the main reason for this can be counted is that the hesitation level on social media is lower, because audience expectation is not expected on social media, here performers expectation matters about how many people got engaged on their post or videos, but when you talk about offline performance expectation is from other side of the stage that is audience sitting and ready to listen to you or watch you performing and now your hesitation gets directly proportional to the expectation.

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Think no one is inside the auditorium, look at the wall and then you can speak fluently or you must not notice the reaction in public and then you won’t hesitate. These are some of the common points you will find when you search for the solution for hesitation.

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But let’s notice these points, Can we just think and things will turn in our favor? Will, that even happen? Or are you expecting it to happen? In all these cases you are not only going in the wrong direction but increasing your thought process and instructing your mind to think more on the same topic which finally leads you to a stage fear?

It’s better to think about your favorite anime or makeup artist rather than even touching those points of precaution mentioned above. When you do so you will automatically fulfil two points that are, the first one ‘think no one is inside the auditorium and second is you can look towards the wall and then carry on with your script’ so both the solution got connected to your thought process of not being in the fear of audience because you will now be into the world of animations.

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Don’t expect to have a master solution for this problem because everyone has different story and conditions where hesitation applies, the only thing as an author or a writer one should say is ‘ learn to play with your thoughts and don’t let your thoughts play with you’. And after all, there are few traditional and psychological process which define the solution pretty well and have more success rate because it deals scientifically. The only concern to raise this topic was to at least put you in the state of self-realization where you can at least relate these lines somewhere in your life and work on it as soon as possible.

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