How to know what am I good at ? – By Mrinal Jha

Now what should be the next step is understanding yourself, understanding yourself is one of the initial and first steps. But again how to do that? Ask yourself one question ‘Why’, if you identify yourself to be sportsmen ask yourself ‘why’. Why am I a sportsman? Why not a dancer? And if you get a reply within yourself and you are able to answer your own question you will take your first step toward your identity.  But when people around you are stuck here then these above simple four lines cannot help because asking why can be the next step but the first step is who we really are and how to even know ourselves.


Listening to many successful people around, there is just one answer to this question and that is still the time you are not able to actually identify your potential keep on doing several things.  What happens here is when we read different success stories or watch different people around us achieving something in their life, the insect of curiosity always bite us and it forces us to realize that where we even stand,  and this insect helps us to build the strong emotional connection with our intention toward life. However, this helps us to take our first step that is ‘Initiation toward goal’. So while initiating our goal what we do is we create one vision, that vision will always have a reason such as, either you get influenced by someone else’s work, you get attracted towards fan following and earning of different personalities or even sometimes social media status. Now here you can easily observe that your reason is useless because you focused on the butter layer but did not found the process on how a milk was converted into the cream. But again this is not that you should be worried about because ‘at least you are on your stepping stone’. Finding yourself is always difficult and here you have taken someone as inspiration and then moved forward making him/her as your idol or you can say by getting influenced. After this senseless beginning, you start participating in different event related to your goals and that particular idol whom you found to be interesting. Events here does not only mean the seminars held in a big hall, No definitely no. Events here means all those moments, acts, seminars, philosophies you start following that you think to be beneficial for you. Sometimes your behavior your attitude your perception even the way you introduce yourself changes and you make yourself feel like you are something worthy like your idol, remember? We talked about this few lines before. Yes, now the one who influenced you or became your idol is now your competitor. Don’t get confused here, the sentence is still talking about the topic ‘what’s your identity’ but explaining the entire process of transformation of a stable mind to a career conscious brain.


So you have reached the level of pretending, which introduce to an English aphorism ‘Fake it till you make it’. This one is applied to many of the success stories. Reaching to level now you start doing several things not because you feel interested or you feel your worth in it but just because you start making many influencers in life.  Yes the same influencer who forced you to reach level of pretending are now increasing in numbers, and more the numbers of influencers increases more you start doing different things. But still let’s not consider this process to be wrong because at the end of the end whatever you do it is somewhere or other grooming your personality. You are being introduced to different kind of people, you are sometimes feeling like an achiever and sometimes you get demoralized like a looser. The entire process which is described in this paragraph is creating a valuable asset in your life.


And after witnessing these all points you slowly start knowing those few hidden talent or your interest that actually gives you inner happiness , wait still not clear because sometimes not only inner happiness but appreciation from crowd matters, not sometimes but if human nature is considered it’s maximum of times that people follow the path where they receive back patting . Even psychologically you automatically want to build your brand where you get appreciation. your intention here will not be looking inside yourself and asking about ‘ Do I really want to do this’ but here your soul cries out that if people around me are finding me interesting because of my work no matter it’s related to my hobby and passion or not, I should carry forward with this one.

As you read earlier you still are not wrong because you are being appreciated for things you do nicely or you try to do nicely and both are fine at their own place. Secondly you have now narrowed your scope of career, from a vague visionary individual you now have some shortlisted box of true hidden talent that you have to focus and choose more specific one amongst them.


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